Laboratory of NanoBioScience and NanoBioTecnology

research activity


Under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Samorì, the research activity of the laboratory is focused on the following three main topics.


DNA-based nano-architectures


Connecting the nano- to the macro-world by tailor-made DNA-based architectures. The self-assembling of these DNA nanostructures is directed by the structural codes that drive the DNA molecular recognition processes in the cell (1). The main challenge is now to master and to increase the level of complexity and precision in the construction of either static (2) or dynamic (3) DNA-based architectures towards applications to surface nanopattering, nanoelectronics, DNA-computing, signal-enhancement in sensors (see below), etc.


Nanobiological DNA- and protein sensors


Protein-sensors for early detection of cancer biomarkers

DNA-sensors for bio-terrorism and environmental assays.

The electronic/electrochemical read-out (4,5) is coupled to signal enhancement methodologies based on nanotechnological approaches.


Single-molecule methodologies for biology and polymer physics


Single molecule imaging and nano-mechanics to study:



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