NanoBioScience lab at the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnologies

University of Bologna, Italy

Nanobiolab info

The NanoBioScience and NanoBioTecnology lab at the University of Bologna operates under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Samorì and Dr. Giampaolo Zuccheri as part of the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology and the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research "Health and Life Science" (ICIR-HST).

The lab is associated with the Institute of Nanoscience (within CNR), with the Italian Chemical Society (SCI), with the National Interuniversity Consortium for Material Science (INSTM) and with the International Society for Nanoscale Science, Computation and Engineering


Here, people with diverse backgrounds work at the interface between chemistry, physics and biology towards the ehancement of knowledge on selected themes of biophysical chemistry and on its use in applicative fields such as diagnostics.

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Detection of Pathogens in Water


small cover for DNA nanotechnology from Springer

HIGHLIGHT: a book edited by us just came out! "Detection of Pathogens in Water Using Micro- and Nano-Technology" You can find info and purchase it from here.

Also, not so long ago our "DNA Nanotechnology" methods book from Springer came out, You can get more info here.